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Raynaud’s phenomenon

Happy New Year! I hope you are as excited for what 2015 will bring as I am!

Another opportunity to grow, create, laugh, inspire, love, succeed….and the list goes on!

I recently received the test results back from my OB/GYN and they confirmed I have heightened estrogen levels. Interesting enough, I had more proof of it as well. I attended my daughter’s hockey practice and then went to my oldest daughter’s basketball game. When I arrived at the basketball game, a couple of my fingers were going numb. I didn’t pay much attention as I’ve been having issues with my toes and fingers going numb when I get too cold. Nonetheless, for some unknown reason, I looked down to see three of my fingers on my right hand white as snow. The friend I was sitting by (who happens to also be a nurse), said immediately, I had raynaud’s phenomenon. Of course, I did my research and found raynaud’s is discoloration (lack of blood) of your digits after exposure to changes in temperature. Basically its loss of blood supply to your fingers/toes. The cause is unknown, but most commonly caused by nerve sensitivity which could be caused by autoimmune disease (which I have several). One with raynaud’s needs to be extra careful in cold temperatures and keep yourself warm. Personally, I’m thinking this shows my heightened estrogen is causing more havoc in my body!

With this new development, I am confident I need to be 100% disciplined and focused on healing my body versus always reacting. 2015 will be the year of healing, happiness and health!