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Be Happy – Be Grateful

Good day beautiful people!

While I’ve been on this long journey with my health, I’ve found I need to focus on the things I have made improvements on, on the people who have been supportive and on the other wonderful things I have in my life. For example, I have two beautiful, healthy children. I have a roof over my head, a job that allows me flexibility and an new inspiration to help others (more to come on that).

I’m trying to leave out the bad and focus on the good!

So today…Be grateful you have the time and the technology to read the internet!

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness today!


The latest….Candida

Every winter I ask why I live in Minnesota. Well, spring has sprung! This is why! It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year.

Recently, I had a scan completed using strands of my hair and saliva. The results were severe candida, parasites, infection in my bladder, kidneys, large intestine and pancreas. It also showed severe instability of my thyroid and blood sugar. And yes, I said parasites! I guess we all have them, I just have ALOT of them. I asked the practitioner to explain it to me in layman’s terms….Yeast and fungi have overgrown and are attacking my insides hence the constant diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. She believes this is the base root of all of my problems (Hmmm…haven’t they all said that??).

Actually, in hindsight (always 20/20), several other doctors have tested me for yeast overgrowth and have indicated its high, but none of them have said its candida nor have they indicated how to treat it. After much research (that’s all I do nowadays), I find its commonly missed and is more common than people are aware!

The good news is I’ve started new meds and supplements to help treat my kidneys and bladder. For the candida…change of diet (again) is number 1 on the treatment list! That’s a whole other topic, one in which I am slowly making changes!

Now, while I knew diet was a big factor, I am confident stress has a large part of the overgrowth as well! Evidence: after taking two last minute vacations in March/April, relaxation and limited stress spoke volumes for how I felt and how my body reacted! Truly amazing discovery!

Finally, I am blessed to have such amazing new people and opportunities come into my life and the continued and unconditional support of a few loving friends. I succeed and grow in my journey because of you!