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Test Results from U of M

Great morning!  Its sunny and warm…perfect day for a smile!

I was notified this week that all but one of my blood test came back normal.  The ANA test came back positive which could be a marker for Lupus or Sjogren Syndrome.  Thinking this is at least a step in the right direction for finding a diagnosis, although (honestly), its not the news I was hoping to hear.  I will go back in June to have more tests completed.  In the meantime, I am having food allergy testing completed Monday.  Hoping for some answers with those tests as well!

Staying positive and grateful for wonderful friends and family!



Thank you then Update

Since starting this blog and making it public, I have received (and absolutely love) the stories, the messages, the calls, the words of advice, the words of wisdom and the words of courage!  Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!   This journey hasn’t been easy and its difficult to be positive, but I am so hopeful after all the support and positive reinforcement I’ve received!  Again, Thank you!!

Now, update from Dr. appt yesterday!  First, they took enough blood to fill a small outdoor pool so they should be able to figure out something.  Second, the doctor ultimately wants to review my medical history and see what the new blood tests show before indicating what she believes is going on.  However, she’s thinking its likely related to my thyroid (diagnosed me with thyroid disease), autoimmune disease (diagnosed me with malaise and myalgia- both could be caused by autoimmune) and recurrent infection.

Please pray the blood tests bring answers and possible solutions!

In Search of Doctors April 2014

Disappointingly, I found out the clinic would not refer me so I called the Mayo myself. After several questions, they said they could not offer me an appointment because they could not do anything else for me then what has already been done. Lots of tears shed!

I informed my OB/GYN so he gave me a list of doctors to call for internal medicine.   After 10 doctors called (all from referrals of other clinics), the doctors were either not accepting new patients, were retired or did not accept insurance. More tears!

My sister then suggested (thanks Shelly) I call the U of M. I took her advice and managed to find a doctor to take my case. My first appointment is May 23, 2014.




Endometriosis -May 2014

At this point, my naturopath, chiropractor and acupuncturist all indicated my immune system is extremely weak and cannot handle the daily activities I do. Well that’s frustrating! Especially when no one can seem to tell me what’s really the matter.

I finally decided to go back to my OB/GYN to ask who I can go to to help me with my continuous health issues. He said he would refer me to the Mayo. Excellent! I have hope again. Maybe a team of doctors can look at everything and tell me what’s going on inside my body!

Swelling of feet, ankles and legs – April 2014

Nevertheless, when we were on spring break in Florida, I was eating healthy 85% of the day and then would treat myself at night. After a few days, my legs, ankles and feet began to swell. It was very noticeable – to the point I could hardly put my flip-flops on. My ankles were the size of my thighs!

I suspected it was because I had eaten too much sodium so I brushed it off.

The end of April I went on a work trip. Again I ate healthy 85% of the day, but then treated myself to southern food at night. To my dismay, the last two days, after walking around and eventually eating fried foods, my legs, ankles and feet swelled yet again. Christian was shocked. I was shocked. Here’s yet another symptom of something…. but what!

I came back and messaged my Naturopath. She said if it continues after a certain number of weeks, I should be tested for kidney disease.

Ok, so I haven’t officially given up, but I’m thinking now about throwing in the towel! I cannot understand how more issues can present themselves when I’m eating healthy; I’m trying to reduce my exercise routine (adding more rest days) and trying to get 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

I started to realize, after I returned from Nashville (second trip in April), that if I did any amount of exercise over three days a week or didn’t get 8 hours of sleep or ventured out of my now traditional diet, I would become sick with the cold or flu, I would be extremely fatigued and now my body was showing other signs of illness (swelling, bloating).

Low Stomach Acid April 2014

Oh but wait, there’s more….

My chiropractor, after mentioning to him about bloating after eating and drinking foods other than fish, chicken and vegetables, he said I may have low stomach acid or what’s called Achlorhydria. He tested a couple digestive enzymes and HCI and the hydrochloric acid (HCI) won! I started taking HCI with every meal and noticed the bloating was going down but not ultimately gone.

After researching low stomach acid, I found 80% of kids with asthma (I have it) also tend to have low stomach acid. In addition, the causes could also be attributed to hypothyroid, autoimmune diseases, alcohol and stress. Hummmm….maybe this is what’s causing all my problems! I was hopefully, yet again!

Intestines & Kidneys – April 2014

Back to the acupuncturist! I was anxious to talk to her since I was starting to experience weird symptoms of bloating, gas, weak/peeling fingernails, asthma acting up, food allergies (couldn’t eat dairy, egg yolks or gluten) without feeling sick or bloated. Oh my!

Here I thought I was making a right turn with the liver cleanse, eating right, and limiting my exercise! She did help elevate some frustration by giving me the absolute list of foods I should avoid and suggested adding in teas, honey, spinach to strengthen my body. However, the bad news was she suggested the heat (infection) had moved into my intestines and/or kidneys.

Wound and UTIs– March 2014

To make matters worse, while exercising (at Crossfit), I fell and scraped my shin on a box. I didn’t go to the doctor, but after two weeks of the wound becoming more red (infected) and not healing I went to Urgent Care. They informed me I should have had stitches (too late now) and I had a staff infection. I was given an antibiotics cream to put on the wound and an oral antibiotic if it was not better within a week.

After another couple of weeks, I decided to start taking the oral antibiotic. I certainly felt better but the wound was hardly healing as expected. In about the 2nd week of May (I hurt my leg in March)– it’s finally starting to look normal again.

Of course, the liver, the bladder, the thyroid, the autoimmune diseases, weren’t enough, between February and March I contracted two UTI’s within about 3 weeks of each other. More antibiotics!!

Naturopath – March 2014

My diet went from limited to bare minimum. After completing the liver cleanse, my Dr. gave me a list of liver foods to eat and those to avoid in order to help aid my liver function.   For example, I was to eat brown rice everyday which helps soak up the toxins and remove them from my body (since my liver couldn’t), eat steamed cruciferous vegetables and avoid chocolate, coffee and carbonate beverages as they irritate the bladder. The bad went to worse when she gave me a list of about 35 foods (from kale, spinach, tomato to apples and berries) that I should avoid due to my bladder. Now, I’m thinking I can drink water and that was about it!

Let’s not forget the supplements! She added in Quercertin to help reduce my Flonase intake and DIM Detox to reduce/eliminate the estrogen levels in my system. All in the name of health!

If you haven’t noticed, my food selection was dwindling fast!! So, now I’m getting overwhelmed again. What should I eat or what shouldn’t I eat! Help!