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Naturopath – March 2014

My diet went from limited to bare minimum. After completing the liver cleanse, my Dr. gave me a list of liver foods to eat and those to avoid in order to help aid my liver function.   For example, I was to eat brown rice everyday which helps soak up the toxins and remove them from my body (since my liver couldn’t), eat steamed cruciferous vegetables and avoid chocolate, coffee and carbonate beverages as they irritate the bladder. The bad went to worse when she gave me a list of about 35 foods (from kale, spinach, tomato to apples and berries) that I should avoid due to my bladder. Now, I’m thinking I can drink water and that was about it!

Let’s not forget the supplements! She added in Quercertin to help reduce my Flonase intake and DIM Detox to reduce/eliminate the estrogen levels in my system. All in the name of health!

If you haven’t noticed, my food selection was dwindling fast!! So, now I’m getting overwhelmed again. What should I eat or what shouldn’t I eat! Help!


Allergy and Asthma – Introduced to Flonase 1999

Fast-forward about 10 years! I was now living in the Twin Cities to attend law school. I continued allergy shots until I was about 22 years old when a started seeing an Allergist and she prescribed Flonase! This was a game changer! I didn’t have to go to a clinic once a week to get shots and then wait for up to 45 minutes to see if I had a reaction! WOW – this is amazing – my world had changed and for the better!