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85% Human

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!  Still in surprise the holidays are almost upon us and yet it feels like 2015 just started! Ok, not just started, but its already November 22…Seriously – this year has flown by! So much to be thankful for this time of year…please remember to take a few moments to think about all the wonderful events, memories, people and opportunities that came your way!

I’m thankful for my strong, never failing, body.  I’m 6 weeks into my new treatments and feeling the effects, both good and bad, on a daily basis. When its a bad day, I wish I could just sleep, not move and sometimes not even think. When I do have energy, I’m happy, humble and, most of all, I feel about 85% human!  I’m grateful for the good days and am beginning to tolerate the bad days. Soon there will be more good days…

As I navigate the new waters, I’m humbled by my body’s response. I appreciate and am thankful my body hasn’t given up!   What I’ve found most helpful is to calm my mind, relax my body and just let the storm pass.  There’s a rainbow after every storm!

Be blessed, be safe and be thankful this Thanksgiving!


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Joining Lori is her co-presenter, Steve Donofrio – personal trainer, personal security expert and founder of LifeMusclePower™. Steve will inspire and educate you about what it means to be functionally fit through his very own LifeMusclePower™ exercise system.

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