Monthly Archives: January 2016

Counting Sheep

Happy New Year and Brrrr!  It was -7 degrees this morning here in sunny Minnesota! With these kind of temperatures,  I’m pretty sure the snowmen are even eager to come inside!

I was supposed to start some new medication this month for my Lyme’s. The good news is I may be able to avoid them entirely because I’m making such good progress.  YEAH!  The not-so-good news is SIBO has returned so I need to treat that instead.  The medicine could make me feel yucky (Yes, adults can use that word too) again and trigger some Lyme’s symptoms. Well, I’m happy to report, its been so good, so far!  5 days in and only a few heightened symptoms…fatigue, leg cramps and the worst….increased insomnia.

Yes, I’m counting sheep on a nightly basis (sometimes 2-3 times a night). We (the sheep and I) are getting to know each other on a first name basis since the insomnia has gotten so bad! Knowing about my insomnia, my doctor gave me a couple great techniques which I have been utilizing nightly.  One is to visualize a white board and write “SLEEP” then “100”. Erase it. Do it again…Write “SLEEP” then “99” and continue on.  So far I’ve only made it to “90”.  And its been a good distraction from the sheep!

I will continue to work on my sleep patterns and in the meantime, I wish you unlimited good nights of sleep, and of course, great success with your new year’s resolutions!  Happy New Year!