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Mixed Opinions

Where did January go? Maybe it was the unseasonably nice weather which made us think it was spring!

Not long ago, I went back to my allergy/asthma doctor (here in Minneapolis) for my annual check in. My doctor was not the one who completed my food testing when I went in last summer, so we had some good topics to discuss this time. She mentioned my breathing tests were a bit of a concern from last summer and believes I have chronic inflammation in my lungs. Guess what? She gave me a list of medicines I should take, but after my push back, she only asked me to fill one of them. I will keep the others on hold for if/when I need them!

We also walked through my food allergy testing (from last summer) – showing immediate allergy to almonds, blueberries, eggs and peanuts. Her response….eat everything but be careful when eating peanuts. If wish to remove peanuts, then must remove completely, otherwise, no need to remove any of the foods! Well, I don’t know about you, but that was shocking! I’ve been told to remove 40+ foods from my diet from 10+ doctors and here my allergy doctor says not to remove ANY foods! Who’s opinion matters? Who do I believe? All? None? Maybe its best I figure out what works best for me especially since I’ve received mixed opinions from so many doctors! The journey continues….

Sending my thanks and appreciation for all who follow, read and keep in touch!


Intestines & Kidneys – April 2014

Back to the acupuncturist! I was anxious to talk to her since I was starting to experience weird symptoms of bloating, gas, weak/peeling fingernails, asthma acting up, food allergies (couldn’t eat dairy, egg yolks or gluten) without feeling sick or bloated. Oh my!

Here I thought I was making a right turn with the liver cleanse, eating right, and limiting my exercise! She did help elevate some frustration by giving me the absolute list of foods I should avoid and suggested adding in teas, honey, spinach to strengthen my body. However, the bad news was she suggested the heat (infection) had moved into my intestines and/or kidneys.

Allergy and Asthma – Introduced to Flonase 1999

Fast-forward about 10 years! I was now living in the Twin Cities to attend law school. I continued allergy shots until I was about 22 years old when a started seeing an Allergist and she prescribed Flonase! This was a game changer! I didn’t have to go to a clinic once a week to get shots and then wait for up to 45 minutes to see if I had a reaction! WOW – this is amazing – my world had changed and for the better!