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Kidney Ultrasound Results

Had a bit of a rough day yesterday after hearing the results of the kidney ultrasound. 

The good news is my kidneys looked normal!

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, they did find a tumor on my liver.  I have an MRI scheduled for Monday to verify what it is. 

Hoping and praying for results that its just a hemangioma (noncancerous growth that forms due to an abnormal collection of blood vessels).



Intestines & Kidneys – April 2014

Back to the acupuncturist! I was anxious to talk to her since I was starting to experience weird symptoms of bloating, gas, weak/peeling fingernails, asthma acting up, food allergies (couldn’t eat dairy, egg yolks or gluten) without feeling sick or bloated. Oh my!

Here I thought I was making a right turn with the liver cleanse, eating right, and limiting my exercise! She did help elevate some frustration by giving me the absolute list of foods I should avoid and suggested adding in teas, honey, spinach to strengthen my body. However, the bad news was she suggested the heat (infection) had moved into my intestines and/or kidneys.