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Mixed Opinions

Where did January go? Maybe it was the unseasonably nice weather which made us think it was spring!

Not long ago, I went back to my allergy/asthma doctor (here in Minneapolis) for my annual check in. My doctor was not the one who completed my food testing when I went in last summer, so we had some good topics to discuss this time. She mentioned my breathing tests were a bit of a concern from last summer and believes I have chronic inflammation in my lungs. Guess what? She gave me a list of medicines I should take, but after my push back, she only asked me to fill one of them. I will keep the others on hold for if/when I need them!

We also walked through my food allergy testing (from last summer) – showing immediate allergy to almonds, blueberries, eggs and peanuts. Her response….eat everything but be careful when eating peanuts. If wish to remove peanuts, then must remove completely, otherwise, no need to remove any of the foods! Well, I don’t know about you, but that was shocking! I’ve been told to remove 40+ foods from my diet from 10+ doctors and here my allergy doctor says not to remove ANY foods! Who’s opinion matters? Who do I believe? All? None? Maybe its best I figure out what works best for me especially since I’ve received mixed opinions from so many doctors! The journey continues….

Sending my thanks and appreciation for all who follow, read and keep in touch!


Too Many Hormones

Happy Fun Friday!

I would never have thought going to an allergy doctor would lead me to hormone analysis!

After being a skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised! After talking with Dr. Tano from Allergy Associates of LaCrosse about my childhood allergy, asthma and illness history and then providing a detailed timeline of my current health issues, he wanted to complete a couple tests. I was told by others they would do scratch tests, blood test and oral challenge tests. In my case, they did a scratch test for environment/seasonal allergies and then they drew blood to test for food allergies and food sensitivities. The nurse said the doctor was ready to see me. Really? That’s all the testing you are doing? This can’t be a good sign? I immediately thought “this was a waste of time!”

The doctor started by explaining to me a medical diagram about how childhood asthma and allergies affect your internal system. He showed me how your cells work or don’t work and how over time some are destroyed or bad cells are created due to allergens, virus and bacterias. After 30 minutes of explanation and walking me through several diagrams, he had me shocked. He literally painted my timeline from childhood, to infertility, to endometriosis, to thyroid, to bladder, to autoimmune, to kidney, to liver….my mouth was on the floor at this point. How could all of that lead to all of this?

His answer….to much estrogen and not enough progesterone or other hormones! He explained how childhood illnesses, asthma, allergies, environment, diet, etc all can lead to too much estrogen and to much estrogen can lead to infertility, endometriosis, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, bladder, kidney and liver problems (along with a host of other things too). It was simple unbelievable!

At this point, he instructed me to remove all estrogen based foods, chemicals and products from my life. He also gave me a few supplements to start taking, allergy drops for environmental/seasonal allergies and strongly encouraged me to have hormone evaluation and treatment.

Wow…positive things brings positive results….and I’m staying positive!

Wound and UTIs– March 2014

To make matters worse, while exercising (at Crossfit), I fell and scraped my shin on a box. I didn’t go to the doctor, but after two weeks of the wound becoming more red (infected) and not healing I went to Urgent Care. They informed me I should have had stitches (too late now) and I had a staff infection. I was given an antibiotics cream to put on the wound and an oral antibiotic if it was not better within a week.

After another couple of weeks, I decided to start taking the oral antibiotic. I certainly felt better but the wound was hardly healing as expected. In about the 2nd week of May (I hurt my leg in March)– it’s finally starting to look normal again.

Of course, the liver, the bladder, the thyroid, the autoimmune diseases, weren’t enough, between February and March I contracted two UTI’s within about 3 weeks of each other. More antibiotics!!