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Wound and UTIs– March 2014

To make matters worse, while exercising (at Crossfit), I fell and scraped my shin on a box. I didn’t go to the doctor, but after two weeks of the wound becoming more red (infected) and not healing I went to Urgent Care. They informed me I should have had stitches (too late now) and I had a staff infection. I was given an antibiotics cream to put on the wound and an oral antibiotic if it was not better within a week.

After another couple of weeks, I decided to start taking the oral antibiotic. I certainly felt better but the wound was hardly healing as expected. In about the 2nd week of May (I hurt my leg in March)– it’s finally starting to look normal again.

Of course, the liver, the bladder, the thyroid, the autoimmune diseases, weren’t enough, between February and March I contracted two UTI’s within about 3 weeks of each other. More antibiotics!!