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Endometriosis -May 2014

At this point, my naturopath, chiropractor and acupuncturist all indicated my immune system is extremely weak and cannot handle the daily activities I do. Well that’s frustrating! Especially when no one can seem to tell me what’s really the matter.

I finally decided to go back to my OB/GYN to ask who I can go to to help me with my continuous health issues. He said he would refer me to the Mayo. Excellent! I have hope again. Maybe a team of doctors can look at everything and tell me what’s going on inside my body!

Central Hypothyroidism July 2013

During this time I went back to the chiropractor, he suggested I complete another round of blood tests especially after all the surgery I’ve had. This time the blood tests came back even lower. He said I had Central Hypothyroidism.  I was suffering from fatigue, dry skin, weight gain (after all that work with my diet and exercise I did after 2010 I felt very defeated), muscle weakness, thinning hair, and depression.

A General Practitioner at Park Nicollet confirmed the results and then referred me to an endocrinologist also at Park Nicollet.

Blood test with this new endocrinologist showed the same result. Low T4, Low TSH – very rare condition so they scheduled a Thyroid Uptake and Scan.

They also tested me for Grave’s disease. Well, the Thyroid Scan showed lower thyroid function, but nothing of great concern and the uptake was pretty good. The Graves’ disease test came back with positive antibodies.

Because I was central hypothyroid (symptoms of both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid), the doctor said to come back in 8 weeks so they can monitor my blood. They would continue to monitor my blood until the blood test showed which way my thyroid had decided to go. Basically they couldn’t treat me because I was both hyper or hypo! Seriously?

Ok, now I think I’ve about reached my threshold! Endometriosis, thyroid problems, now autoimmune disease!

I did end up going for a third opinion to see if a third endocrinologist would do something. Their blood tests showed slightly higher results and said technically it’s within normal range, definitely on the low end, but normal. Nothing more he would do.

At this point, I felt like I was running in circles!

Hypothyroidism – 2012

Since my head-on collision in 1998, I have been seeing a chiropractor. I hadn’t gone to a chiropractor since I moved to the Cities, but found one very quickly in 2004 when I was rear-ended going 60 miles an hour on Hwy 100 when Ella (my first born) was 4 weeks old.   Since I had a relationship already with him, I told him about the hole-in-my-bladder surgery and he suggested I complete more blood tests to see how my body was adjusting after surgery.

A change up happened…. Blood tests came back with low TSH and low T4. Hypothyroidism not hyperthyroidism. Yes, this is the opposite of what the Endocrinologist said but I went with it since my chiropractor was willing to help. I started taking iodine supplements and found improvement with my fatigue and weight loss within days!