Hypothyroidism – 2012

Since my head-on collision in 1998, I have been seeing a chiropractor. I hadn’t gone to a chiropractor since I moved to the Cities, but found one very quickly in 2004 when I was rear-ended going 60 miles an hour on Hwy 100 when Ella (my first born) was 4 weeks old.   Since I had a relationship already with him, I told him about the hole-in-my-bladder surgery and he suggested I complete more blood tests to see how my body was adjusting after surgery.

A change up happened…. Blood tests came back with low TSH and low T4. Hypothyroidism not hyperthyroidism. Yes, this is the opposite of what the Endocrinologist said but I went with it since my chiropractor was willing to help. I started taking iodine supplements and found improvement with my fatigue and weight loss within days!


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