Thank you then Update

Since starting this blog and making it public, I have received (and absolutely love) the stories, the messages, the calls, the words of advice, the words of wisdom and the words of courage!  Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!   This journey hasn’t been easy and its difficult to be positive, but I am so hopeful after all the support and positive reinforcement I’ve received!  Again, Thank you!!

Now, update from Dr. appt yesterday!  First, they took enough blood to fill a small outdoor pool so they should be able to figure out something.  Second, the doctor ultimately wants to review my medical history and see what the new blood tests show before indicating what she believes is going on.  However, she’s thinking its likely related to my thyroid (diagnosed me with thyroid disease), autoimmune disease (diagnosed me with malaise and myalgia- both could be caused by autoimmune) and recurrent infection.

Please pray the blood tests bring answers and possible solutions!


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