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Test Results from U of M

Great morning!  Its sunny and warm…perfect day for a smile!

I was notified this week that all but one of my blood test came back normal.  The ANA test came back positive which could be a marker for Lupus or Sjogren Syndrome.  Thinking this is at least a step in the right direction for finding a diagnosis, although (honestly), its not the news I was hoping to hear.  I will go back in June to have more tests completed.  In the meantime, I am having food allergy testing completed Monday.  Hoping for some answers with those tests as well!

Staying positive and grateful for wonderful friends and family!


What other things could it be? May 2014

Since I’ve made the appointment with the U of M, I’ve had medical professionals tell me to seek out an Immunologist and Infectious Disease doctors. In addition, I’ve been told to request testing for issues like Celiac, Lyme’s Disease, kidney disease, lupus and food sensitiveness.