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What other things could it be? May 2014

Since I’ve made the appointment with the U of M, I’ve had medical professionals tell me to seek out an Immunologist and Infectious Disease doctors. In addition, I’ve been told to request testing for issues like Celiac, Lyme’s Disease, kidney disease, lupus and food sensitiveness.

In Search of Doctors April 2014

Disappointingly, I found out the clinic would not refer me so I called the Mayo myself. After several questions, they said they could not offer me an appointment because they could not do anything else for me then what has already been done. Lots of tears shed!

I informed my OB/GYN so he gave me a list of doctors to call for internal medicine.   After 10 doctors called (all from referrals of other clinics), the doctors were either not accepting new patients, were retired or did not accept insurance. More tears!

My sister then suggested (thanks Shelly) I call the U of M. I took her advice and managed to find a doctor to take my case. My first appointment is May 23, 2014.