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Its August already …where has summer gone…it feels like it just started!

Its been over a week since I’ve been home from Tulum Mexico and amazingly, I have had more people tell me I am radiating, that I light up a room when I walk in and the happiness is just bursting out of my pores!  I cannot begin to tell you how transformational and healing the retreat was! It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and can honestly say I feel like a new person!  We slept in huts with no a/c, we ate vegetarian meals for the week, and engaged in daily yoga and meditation.  We did a labyrinth, a tezmecal, and a gratitude circle (all Mayan rituals) along with many personal deep dives into worth, truth and letting go. One of the most wonderful things was I had very limited connectivity so was able to almost completely unplug for 6 days.  (I would HIGHLY recommend unplugging for any length of time…it is life changing!)

I spent 6 days with 6 incredible women!  They inspired me.  They made me feel safe. They gave me the courage to be vulnerable! (Trust me – that is not something I’m comfortable being…ever!)  The energy, the love and the unconditional support I received during this retreat along with the exceptional experiences of Tulum were truly transformational.  I learned with 100% certainty that I can survive anything life presents to me.  I know after enduring extremely physically challenging circumstances, I can be uncomfortable, I can have limited resources, yet I can survive,I am strong and I can make it through to the other side. And oh my goodness….the other side is EXCEPTIONAL!  

Wishing you radiance, happiness and disconnection throughout the rest of your summer!


Grateful Heart (and funeral info)

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to everyone for extending your prayers, kindness, love and support!  Every single phone call, email, text message, flowers, cards, notes, food, hugs and spiritual healing has truly held me together this week despite how broken I feel.

Please continue to share stories of my father as love and laughter is really the best medicine.  My heart is so very grateful and my family is very blessed to have such an amazing surrounding of friends and family to embrace us in this time of sorrow.  I wish I could hug every single one of you so you could feel how much gratitude is in my heart.

Please note the services for my father, Tommy Faaborg, will be held Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 11:00am at Danebod Lutheran Church in Tyler, MN.  There will be an hour prior to the service for friends and family to gather as well as a light luncheon following the service.

Please continue to hold us in your prayers as we prepare to say our final goodbyes and as we celebrate the wonderful life of my father!

Slowing Down

A warm (almost) spring day has made me appreciate the days I can leisurely go about my day.  Myself, like most people, run from activity to activity without any hesitation….Basketball tournaments, hockey practice, piano, work, appointments, and just everyday must-do life activities.  While all of these activities are probably necessary, I tend to forgot about the days I can sit and read a book for an hour, go for a bike ride with my girls or just take my dog for a short walk.

I found today after spending the afternoon enjoying the sun on my face as I walked through the park and finding a little bit of time to sneak in a 30 minute nap, made me refocus on the advantages of slowing down and taking some time to appreciate the simpler things in life.  The sound of cars driving by, kids playing outside or just listening to the wind blowing in the window.  Its days like these that make the craziness of everyday life more enduring and gratifying.

I am personally very grateful for the quiet, relaxing days – I vote we have more of them.  I challenge you, today, to take a few minutes to slow down. I think you, like myself, will also succumb to the benefits of just slowing down.

Be Happy – Be Grateful

Good day beautiful people!

While I’ve been on this long journey with my health, I’ve found I need to focus on the things I have made improvements on, on the people who have been supportive and on the other wonderful things I have in my life. For example, I have two beautiful, healthy children. I have a roof over my head, a job that allows me flexibility and an new inspiration to help others (more to come on that).

I’m trying to leave out the bad and focus on the good!

So today…Be grateful you have the time and the technology to read the internet!

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness today!