EMERGENCY: Hole-in-the-Bladder – 2012

On Memorial weekend, 2012, I ended up in the emergency room with not-being-able-to-stand stomach pains and after two days of being sent home and readmitted, they called my OB to come in. He thought I had a twisted ovary. (I did not have them removed when I had a hysterectomy if you remember). They needed to bring me to surgery to look inside to determine the cause of my pain.

Several hours later, I woke up to Christian (my husband) telling me they had to open me up (good news: they used the same scar as my two C-Sections) because I had a hole in my bladder. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT HAPPENED?

Pathology tests showed endometriosis on my bladder. The doctors were stumped! They could not figure out how this could happen! They speculated it was the endometriosis but had never heard of this happening before. I had a catheter for two weeks, ended up with yet another infection and yet another round of antibiotics.

This put a big dent in our Memorial weekend plans! I recovered from the surgery but was told to go to an Endocrinologist to have my thyroid tested. I was also going to have to deal with the endometriosis. NOTE: I was not informed at the time of my hysterectomy that I also had endometriosis. However, I did research and discovered endometriosis often occurs after adenomyosis. But how could it become so severe within a year and half (after my hysterectomy) to cause a hole in my bladder? No one could answer that question but they knew I needed to take all precautions so it doesn’t happen again! No kidding!


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