Liver Dysfunction – January 2014

Within a few minutes of talking with the Naturopath, she said it was my liver! Alleluia! An answer to all my problems. She said it sounds like my liver is not processing my food which causes brain fog, depression, allergies, bloating, weight gain, puffy eyes, acne and gas. I had all of those things, so maybe this is what needs to be treated!

Again, I did as I was instructed…. removed all chemicals from home, replace plastic with glass, completed a 21 day liver cleanse (remove dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, some fruits, some vegetables, beef, sugar, alcohol, and a bunch of other things), do not exercise, started cold therapy (last few minutes of shower turn to cold water) and dry skin brushing.   I also took her recommended supplements such as Bladder Ease, DHEA, Bio cleanse all to aid in my aliments. All of these things would help aid my liver to function properly since it wasn’t doing so on its own.

After completing the 21-day cleanse (I actually did 40 days), I felt better. Hip Hip Hurray!! I felt better, I lost weight, and I had energy.   There may be hope after all!


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