More Puzzle Pieces

Another amazing summer day in Minnesota!

I went to an Endocrinologist at the U of M a couple weeks ago and had a terrific appointment. She sat with me for an hour, with my test results charted out and walked me through what the test results indicated, how it affected my health and what I can expect going forward. We also came up with a game plan for the future!

During this visit, we discussed past and current surgeries, medicines and supplements. She had such amazing insight into current liver, kidney and thyroid supplements I’m taking and advised I remove them from my diet. She also indicated the Lupron shot (which I received for 6 months in 2013 for endometriosis treatment) was a chemotherapy drug (yes its used to treat prostrate cancer) and destroys good and bad cells within the body. She said every woman who has taken the drug and has come into her office indicated it was the worst experience and has since ruined their lives (aka piece to my puzzle).

Having a couple weeks to reflect on this information, I am convinced the Lupron shot may be the villain. Its been since the shot that my health has continued to deteriorate. With more blood tests and more doctor appointments in August, I feel I am getting closer to the problem and a resolution!

Until next time…Be happy, be safe and be healthy!


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