Still Waiting…

Happy Monday!

I’m excited to have found an amazing new doctor and have completed a couple rounds of tests already. With high hopes of some answers today, I went back to the doctor and unfortunately, the test results for Lyme’s was not completed yet.  Bummer!  Ok, big bummer!  For a secondary prize, we did review the other test results which leads back to my liver and my gut!

With the new information, he believes my liver is still the culprit and that I have and need to treat small intestinal bacteria overgrowth however he wants to complete a couple more tests to ensure this is actually true as well as determine how my food sensitivities have increased or decreased over the last year.

Definitely was hoping for more finite answers but am getting closer to something new every day!  I have a few more tests to complete and will return in 3 weeks for the next steps and yes, some answers too!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to be seen and treated by some great doctors!

Have a terrific week!


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