Lyme’s DNA

I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical from here, or maybe life in general, so its good to be back! While I’ve been away, life did throw all sorts of twists and turns at me, but I can confidently say my navigation skills have been challenged and I think they are almost perfected now!

The distractions have been good; however, they have caused me to delay starting a new treatment. The treatment is a doozy, so I’ve been prolonging the start for a couple of weeks now.  The treatment consists of 20 vials of Lyme’s DNA which I take one vial every three days for the next two months.  The vials become stronger as I continue the treatment.  The positive side is this will help build up my immune system to fight Lyme’s now and in the future.  The less positive aspect is I am now putting Lyme’s DNA into my body. Yikes!  More Lyme’s means more symptoms.  More symptoms mean not feeling well.  Not feeling well means I really need to look on the bright side!  Yep, this will make me feel better in the long run!  So with a queasy stomach, a heavy heart, a quick prayer for strength and tears in my eyes, I took my first vial this morning.

Happy to report, I’m still standing (of course its still morning!) Admittedly, I am proud of myself for putting my big girl pants on today and taking the plunge! High five!  As I continue with the treatment, I’m going to wake up every day saying I feel terrific!  Positive mind, positive attitude, positive results!

My encouragement to you….take time today, this week, or this month to improve and celebrate your health….take it from me….It really is worth it!


1 thought on “Lyme’s DNA

  1. It is great to hear from you on your blog!! Many good thoughts and prayers with your new journey. Brenda, my wife, is struggling and we will be interested in your results. She has relapsed several times in the last 6 months and the rebuilding process, as you know is tough. Please share your progress. thanks Steve


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