3 Things I’ve learned this year

This year has flown by, hasn’t it? Fall is here, Christmas is coming and shortly thereafter is 2017!

 As I recently celebrated my 41st birthday, I had a friend mention how much has changed in one year’s time.  As I pondered that, I began to reflect on my past year and came up with 3 important things I learned this year.

 First, everything happens when it’s supposed to.   I found its best to be patient and let life happen as it should.  Yes, we need to be proactive, but we cannot rush through life.  For instance, I am working on re-launching my law firm and PowerUp2Health businesses. I have been going full steam ahead and haven’t looked back.  After meeting with a wise friend and mentor this week, she said a few of the ideas I was pursuing may not be in my best interest at THIS TIME.  Basically, I was putting the cart before the horse.  I was disappointed and a little upset, but after some reflection, I realized I do not need to rush.  If I put in the proper time, preparation and effort, my businesses will bloom when they are supposed to!

Second, John Maxwell said today on Minute with Maxwell, Choices you make… make you! It took me a minute (no pun intended) to comprehend what he meant, but he continued on to say that everything I, you, we do is 100% our own responsibility!  I cannot blame anyone for where I am today, but myself.  I am exactly who and where I am because of MY choices. Think about that!  Are you taking responsibility for choices you are making in your life?

 Finally, YOU will survive!  As I reflect back on this past year and where I am today…I celebrate!  I celebrate because I realized after all the ups and downs (there’s been a whole bunch) this year….I survived 100% of them!   I had days I questioned everything and wanted to throw in the towel and other days that lifted me back up.  But in the end, I survived, I survived, I survived!  Not unscathed, but I survived!   You know what?  You will too!

 As you reflect on what you’ve learned this year, please drop me a note and let me know! 



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