What to bring

Happy New Year!  And what a cold one it is!  The new year brings below zero temperatures here in Minneapolis! Brrr!

I read an interesting article yesterday from Brave Girls Club that talked about what you “get” to bring with you in 2018 and what you can leave behind.  That’s so profound.  I can bring whatever I want into the new year.  Huh?  What will I bring with me? What will I leave behind?

I can think of many things to bring, but what resonates with me more is what I would leave behind.  My first thought is I am leaving my health challenges in 2017.  No, its not quite so simple to just leave the Lymes or the SIBO in 2017, but I can choose to figuratively leave them in 2017.  I’m wondering….does this shift my focus or my attitude?  Yes, I think it does.  It means I will focus on the healthier me and not have my mindset be riddled with the impact of Lymes and SIBO.  Its almost like walking through a door and shutting the door on what you want to leave behind.  Why haven’t I thought of this before?   We can take the negative stuff, walk through the 2018 door and shut the door on all the yucky stuff from 2017.   What an idea!  Thanks Brave Girls Club!

I’m still creating a list about what to bring and what to leave behind.  Do you know what you are bringing into 2018 and what you are leaving behind from 2017?  A shift in your mindset may just bring an exceptional new year….I encourage you to try it!


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