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Hysterectomy – 2010

We choose to aim for three children. Two years later, after a third attempt at getting pregnant without success, I went to my OB to discuss several problems. First, I had heavy periods (week long and heavy every day); it was becoming very painful to have intercourse (felt like razor blades), cramping, low back pain and fatigue. My OB determined I likely had Adenomyosis (when the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus.) After much thought and consideration, many tears shed, and many dreams shattered of having a larger family, I decided to have a partial hysterectomy (left my ovaries). My hopes were to have a normal, functioning life again.

With a heavy heart, I had the surgery. My OB confirmed I had Adenomyosis. He said my uterus was “flabby” when he removed it. He also indicated I would never had gotten pregnant again! Shortly after surgery I developed a massive infection so started antibiotics. Boy did I feel better after taking some antibiotics! After week 4, I felt like a new woman! I could conquer the world!! My problems were solved.