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SIDE NOTE Mental, Physical and Emotional Changes 2010

With such a heavy decision and massive change in my life, I needed something to help me deal with the grief and loss of my decision. I would never be able to have children again and I always thought I would have 3-4 kids. Even though I am blessed with two girls, I needed to find a way to accept my loss and move on!

I started exercising (P90x) and watching my diet. I cut out alcohol during the week, cut out sugary snacks and started adding fruits and vegetables to my meals.

Within 16 months, I lost 20 lbs., dropped 4-5 pant sizes and never felt healthier in my life. Keep in mind; I was still dealing with a monstrous emotion loss. Even after the physical changes, I still wasn’t emotional 100% but was accepting my decision through diet and exercise.