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Qi and Blood Deficiency– Feb 2014

My OB/Gyn recommended (a few months prior) I try acupuncture. Being I was feeling good about my health I decided to try something new. After the acupuncturist’s review, she indicated I had Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) and blood deficiency, dampness and heat (infection) in my bladder and kidneys and also phlegm.

Acupuncture would help remove the heat and dampness from my abdominal area and eating the right foods could also help heighten my Qi. An additional item would be to remove citrus food, coffee, and alcohol, all irritants of the bladder.

After my first procedure, I felt I could have run a marathon! I had so much energy and felt so much better. Didn’t feel heavy, sore or tired! However, one item I was not thrilled about was eliminating yet another food from my already small selection. But if this helped, I’m willing to give it a try!