Infertility – Second Child 2007

My journey had only begun… when we started trying for our second child; I had what they called “Second Child Infertility”. Basically, the cysts were destroying the eggs before they could be released or when they were released. We tried for about 15 months before I started Clomid (infertility medicine), and then moved on to taking the shots (oh, BTW – those were in the stomach) to get my ovaries working. Listen to this…. Exactly 12 hours after the shot, we were to have intercourse in order to hit the “perfect” time for fertilization. Now, let me tell you, getting a shot in the stomach and having to have intercourse 12 hours after the shot made trying for a baby a lot less exciting!! And Yes, Christian would agree!

As an additional route, I also had a hysterosalpingogram, which sends dye through your ovaries and fallopian tubes. This allows the OB to see any problem areas and cleans out the systems.

After a few months of this unromantic process, we decided to take a break from trying to get pregnant! In lieu of infertility treatments, we choose to finish our basement! We designed it, signed the contract and paid for it!  Well, to our wondrous surprise, within a month, we were pregnant!! I come to determine we needed to let a higher power decide when we should be blessed with our second child.


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