Second Child Difficult Pregnancy – 2007

So, remember my first pregnancy was without problems! My second pregnancy didn’t take the same smooth route as my first. At 8 weeks, I started to bleed, so in order to avoid a miscarriage, they put me on limited bed rest. I could go to work (sitting only) but that was about it! Very light activity. Basically, avoid doing anything if at all possible. I survived the limited activity. (Those who know me knew how hard it was for me to sit still! Yikes!)

Everything was going better until 32 weeks; I developed Cholestasis (liver condition where bile starts to build up and is secreted back into the system.) This side effects of this is major itching and vomiting.   Now understand when I say itching, its not like a little scratch. It’s a full, head on, all over body itch that does not go away! My neck, my feet, my arms, my neck, my stomach… you name it – I had to itch it! (Oh, and do I have another story to tell you about Christian…. remind me later)

Now, I learned the only way to get rid of this condition is to deliver the baby so it’s a risk/reward. The longer I can tolerate it, the better off for the baby! I tolerated it until about 38 weeks. At that time, I went to my OB in tears and showed him how raw my skin had become from itching. They checked my blood and decided to schedule an emergency C-section the next day.

Brityn Alexis Paul, 8lbs 8 oz, 21 inches long was born!

We were now blessed with two beautiful girls! No matter how hard the pregnancy or the delivery was…. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!


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