Food Allergy Testing

Well, who knew?  Found out I have an immediate onset reaction (IGE allergy) to almonds, egg yolks, peanuts and blueberries!  Seriously?  Who’s allergic to blueberries?  I am, I am!   Now that I know this, I can make adjustments to my food list (its getting shortly yet)!  

Since going gluten free, the primary substitute is almonds.  Are you thinking the same thing I am?  Ok, probably not, but wanted to throw it out there!  I’ve been eating almond butter, almond milk, almond flour and trial mix with almonds so this could be a good thing to eliminate from my already limited diet!  Yippee!

The testing was limited to 18 of 87 foods so am planning a more extensive test soon!  My Chiropractor said this could be a cause to a few of my increasing health issues! 

More to come…


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