Making progress with Urologist!

WARNING:  I say pee and urine alot (just in case you are eating or drinking when you are about to read this)

I met with an Urologist yesterday and after completing a cysto (where they put a scope into your bladder to look inside) the Urologist confirmed I do not, in fact, have IC.  Best news I’ve heard all day!  Thank goodness I didn’t take the medicine and complete the bladder installations as prescribed back in November!  Lesson:  follow your instincts!

Also, after she reviewed the records from my bladder surgery (remember back in May 2012….yes it was several posts ago), she indicated the hole (which the records indicated it was a rupture of a diverticulum (basically an outpouching of the bladder)) could have been caused by 1. Dysfunctional voiding (I’m not peeing properly) or 2. Chronic Holding of urine (I’m not going often enough) or 3. Endometriosis.  The Urologist indicated I was much to young to have a diverticulum on my bladder so that is very suspect (hence the reason for the cysto).  From the cysto, she could tell my bladder is very strong, healthy and very large (maybe the reason for chronic holding). Good news alert:   The cysto also showed no sign of IC, no sign of endometriosis on the bladder (double Yippee) and no diverticulitis (triple Yippee)!

However, (there’s always a “but”), she does suspect my long history of bladder infections and UTIs may have caused me to hold my urine to long which in turn could cause diverticulitis (or vice versa – holding urine to long causes UTIs and bladder infections- but that’s the old age question of what came first, the chicken or the egg!!)  She prescribed an oral antibiotic for 90 days to see if the medicine would help my symptoms, ordered me to pee at least every three hours, ordered a kidney ultrasound and finally come back in 90 days to see how the medicine is working!

Finally, the reason for the kidney ultrasound is to review why I have proteins in my urine (that should never happen I guess) and to ensure the kidneys are functioning properly.  Baby steps… but at least we are eliminating (or solving) one more theory! 

Kidney Ultrasound scheduled for June 10th (today)! 



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