Second Opinion

First let me say the personal chef is a great asset to any working mom! We have had wonderfully prepared meals and a great variety to choose from!

Second, I recently went back to my OB/GYN and talked to him about hormone evaluation and treatment as recommended from another doctor recently. Well to my surprise, he wasn’t a fan! He said they tend to be a waste of money and generally not find what I may be hoping for. He said we could run a few tests within his office which would be covered by insurance (so no need to spend $1000s out of pocket). I wasn’t looking forward to spending $10,000+ to have my hormones tested! Yikes! It’s good to get second opinions…actually I may seek a third opinion depending on how the current tests turn out!

I also asked how I could manage elevated hormones and he suggested I think about trying a low dose birth control pill to reset my hormones. After his explanation, I’m quite intrigued. Still thinking about it…but always hopefully for a solution and feeling better!

May you have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday season! May Santa bring you all you can wish for and may love and happiness fill your home!


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