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Second Opinion

First let me say the personal chef is a great asset to any working mom! We have had wonderfully prepared meals and a great variety to choose from!

Second, I recently went back to my OB/GYN and talked to him about hormone evaluation and treatment as recommended from another doctor recently. Well to my surprise, he wasn’t a fan! He said they tend to be a waste of money and generally not find what I may be hoping for. He said we could run a few tests within his office which would be covered by insurance (so no need to spend $1000s out of pocket). I wasn’t looking forward to spending $10,000+ to have my hormones tested! Yikes! It’s good to get second opinions…actually I may seek a third opinion depending on how the current tests turn out!

I also asked how I could manage elevated hormones and he suggested I think about trying a low dose birth control pill to reset my hormones. After his explanation, I’m quite intrigued. Still thinking about it…but always hopefully for a solution and feeling better!

May you have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday season! May Santa bring you all you can wish for and may love and happiness fill your home!

IUD Attempts 2008, 2009

Shortly after having our second daughter, I went in to be suited up with an IUD. It’s an inter-uterine device for birth control. My OB made several attempts but my uterus would reject it every time. He was quite shocked to say the least! The fourth attempt worked. They did an ultrasound to verify!  Honestly, I was so happy to not have to worry about taking a pill everyday! Hurray!

Shortly after I came home, I started hemorrhaging. After a few hours of heavy, consist flow, I call my OB and he met me in the emergency room. They found a slight cut in my uterus likely from the IUD. Stiches and no more IUD.

Now that was disappointing!! I waited a whole year before I went back in (yep you guessed it) to try it again! They tried three more times and to no avail! My uterus would not accept the IUD. Birth control or try for number three? That was the question!