Time for a Break

Good evening! I sit in my home office looking at the sun shining on the leaves outside! What a view!

After much consideration, I decided to take a break. Not a break from my health, but a break from my career. Yes, I am leaving my job. My last day will be June 26, 2015. I have been with Wells Fargo for almost 10 years and have been extremely blessed with flexibility, growth and income. I have worked nearly my entire life (starting at the age of 8 helping my mom when she owned a convenience store up to working full time through college and part-time through law school) so time for a break. With my continued health journey, I made a decision to leave my job and focus on my health and my family. I’m grateful for a loving husband who 100% supports this decision and says he will work harder to ensure I have the time and flexibility to start this new chapter in my life! Thank you Christian!

I’m looking forward to this new adventure…more time to write, more time to blog, more time to relax and more time to find my health!

Until next time…when my next chapter begins…


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