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Wait or Weight

Wait or Weight – that is the question. As I mentioned in my last post I had started chelation therapy. I was about a month in then. I completed chelation therapy in about 3 months but not without some challenges. For instance after two months, I had gained 12 ponds. OMG! If you know my history, you know weight is a big deal for me!

After realizing I was gaining weight when I couldn’t fit into some clothes, I went back to my doctor and said “I’d rather be sick than fat”. Not the best attitude to have but I certainly wasn’t prepared to gain that much weight through this treatment. We adjusted the medication to stop the weight gain, but the new medication caused me to get bladder infections. OMG! What is happening?

After further thought, I decided it was better to deal with some weight gain than deal with reoccurring bladder infections. So I was prepared to deal with the weight gain. Good news was the test results after three months showed the heavy metals had been substantially reduced so I did not need to take any more medication! Hallelujah!

Getting to my point…. Having gained 12 pounds in two months, one can likely imagine how fast your self esteem can be impacted. Yes, I was sad, depressed and frustrated. I was not happy with my body and frustrated that I had no control over it. Interesting enough I was going through additional life changes. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were talking about getting married and buying a house together. My initial response was NO! I can’t look like this and get married. We should WAIT! So back to my initial question… wait or weight?

I could WAIT until I lose the weight and then we can plan a wedding or I could embrace my WEIGHT and plan a wedding now. Dave helped me embrace my weight as it shows the world I am strong, I am capable of doing anything including conquering chelation therapy and I can continue to live a life filled with love and compassion even in midst of the trials I was facing.

Moral of the story – don’t WAIT because of WEIGHT! Embrace what life gives you now even if that’s a few extra pounds.

P.S. Dave and I were married August 6, 2021 and yes I was 12 pounds heavier than I wanted to be, but it was the most amazingly perfect day for a true fairytale wedding. So blessed! So Grateful!


Made of Steel

One may not think heavy metal is steel, but after receiving recent test results for heavy metal poisoning, my daughter, Ella said “Mom, you really are made of steel!”

In October of last year, I started a new treatment for Babesia; however, it was making me feel worse, not better, so my doctor suspected something else was going on. Blood tests came back in February that I have heavy metal poisoning. My doctor was adamant that I test for heavy metals as his research and experience lead him to believe heavy metals block many treatments especially when dealing with Lymes and many co-infections. Hence why I was feeling worse, not better.

He was absolutely correct! And who would have guessed….I don’t have just one heavy metal in my system, but I have SIX! Antimony, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and strontium all came back at higher levels. I would like to think this makes me Superwoman especially because my doctor indicated a normal person wouldn’t have any of these show up, so to have SIX, well, that just goes to show how unique I am. (Insert smiley face) Well, maybe I could be Superwoman, but what we do suspect is that this is likely caused from having Lymes as my body doesn’t detox, so metals have likely been accumulating for years.

I started chelation therapy about a month ago. (Yes you can google it). Basically this is medication to pull the metals from my bones. The metal will then get deposited into my blood, then into my stomach so technically its a three part process. If the metals stay to long in the blood or stomach, this can cause severe problems (including death in rare cases).

We have been experimenting with the dosages for the medication as well as the detox process as this medication has been kicking my butt! Whew…can you imagine what it feels like to have heavy metals pulled from your bones? Yikes!

What I am grateful for as I embark on this new treatment is that I am learning a few things along the way….

  1. This too shall pass. (Some days quicker than others)
  2. God doesn’t give me any more than I can handle. (Trust me I’ve asked)
  3. I really am made of steel. (Just ask Ella!)