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Rough Road

I love the fall season in Minnesota with the colorful leaves and the fall decorations like big spiders on people’s doors or scary things hanging from the entryways! Just love it.  Although it also means we are coming upon “Why do I live here season?”  Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy winter; however, I sometimes think I should live somewhere warmer and just enjoy winter from afar!  A girl can dream!

I started treatment for Lyme’s Disease two weeks ago and treatment for SIBO this past Monday.  Honestly, I have to admit – IT IS KICKING MY BUTT!  My doctor said both treatments could make me feel lousy!   Lousy is an understatement.  I generally have pretty high tolerance for anything but when my daughters have to put me to bed at nights, that’s when I know its been a rough road!  Battling with severe fatigue and abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms, RLS, blurred vision, night sweats, etc, etc, etc.  Remember this is only the physical side effects, my emotional and mental state is for another blog post!

I am still trying to find humor in all of this which was the case when I made my dad chuckle the other night when I talked to him.  He said he was worried about me.  So I told him I was worried about me too!  Thanks Dad! A little laughter goes a long way especially since this has been the toughest week yet.

On the bright side….. I hope I turned the corner today.  I was able to shower and get ready this morning without thinking how much time do I have to nap before starting my day!  I’m still severely fatigued, but a little more energy and a little less of everything else!  As I say in my book…I may not be where I want to be, but I’m doing the best I can right now!

“When life gets hard, challenge yourself to be stronger” –Unknown

I wish you a joy filled day today and may your Halloween be filled with lots of scary stories, chocolate candy and little smiles as the children run up to your door.


Depo Lupron – Dec 2012 to May 2013

Let the journey begin….I started the shots in December 2012. This would put me into menopause with side effects included severe fatigue, tired muscles, night sweats, acne (felt like I was 16 again), weight gain, joint/muscle aches, hot flashes and depression.

I cannot begin to tell you how awful those 6 months were. I would never wish that upon my worst enemy (well maybe…. Ok, no I wouldn’t). It was miserable, I felt miserable, my body looked miserable, my life was miserable!   I tried daily to put on a happy face, but this was wearing me down!

After the 6 months of shots, I had to start taking progesterone to reduce/maintain the levels of estrogen in order to avoid reoccurring endometriosis. After about 2 weeks, I fell into a deep depression. Basically I wanted to quit my job, divorce my husband and leave my kids. I felt like I had hit rock bottom. The progesterone made me depressed, gain weight, suffer memory loss…Oh it was not wonderful! Needless to say, this lead to anti-depressants.

At this point, my journey was becoming more difficult. After a month of progesterone and anti-depressants, I went back to my OB to find out if there were other ways to deal with endometriosis.   I could try other drugs; I could acupuncture; I could try pelvic floor therapy as well.

I tried Pelvic floor therapy – I wasn’t a fan! With devices inserted into your vagina and someone telling you to flex your pelvic floor muscles wasn’t something I wanted to do everyday or every other day!